The foundation to Vidyanjali Academy was laid in the year 1992, nearly three decades ago by Sri Ramaiah Reddy Educational Trust.

The purpose of starting this school was to provide holistic learning to the students, resulting in an impact of moulding over 100,000 students!

Vidyanjali at a Glance

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Faculty Insight



Teachers have Masters Degree



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Teachers have more than 10 years of Teaching experience

Career options at Vidyanjali is to continuously enhance the knowledge, skills of teachers through dedicated training sessions. The faculty is highly motivated and focussed towards the holistic development of each and every student.

Vidyanajli is currently recruiting teachers.

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Mr Nandesha is a multifaceted individual driven by a passion for literature, a love for children,...



Anisha, a recent graduate of Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, was a quiet unassuming child who....


The school campus houses the admin block, school playground, and the auditorium. It is designed incorporating the latest thinking concerning CBSE and Montessori school requirements. The school provides world-class facilities which are scientifically and aesthetically designed to suit the studentsa?? needs at various levels.