Vidyanjali is unique in the sense that our goal or focus is not just to create toppers who know the textbook and get high marks in the examinations. Rather, we are focused on developing life skills in children right from a young age, so that they grow up to be responsible citizens of the country, and contribute something towards development of the society.

Developing positive social skills, eliminating fear, becoming self-confident, empathy, creative thinking, collaboration, problem-solving approach, coping with stress and emotions are some core objectives of various life skills training programs we conduct.

The various life skills topics taught at Vidyanjali Academy includes:

  • .Gender equality
  • .Overcoming shyness and fear
  • .Negotiation skills
  • .Respecting elders
  • .Developing empathy towards others
  • .Chanakya Niti (Works of Wisdom)
  • .Social media trap
  • .Becoming an author

At Vidyanjali, we not only have the right mission, but also the perfect vision to support it. Everything in life has a purpose. Our purpose at Vidyanjali Academy is to create socially responsible citizens that will make India proud, not just in the country, but globally as well.


Tight Knit Community

We’re really proud of our staff. The way they have handled the changes over the years are a great indication of the support and cooperation between them. Everyone has maintained a really strong focus on providing the best possible opportunities for our kids, and we’ve enjoyed the challenges posed by the pandemic in many ways. Our non-teaching staff have done a great job in supporting teachers and families, and our teachers have really worked hard to find new ways to connect and collaborate through online also.

We conduct several activities for parents to be involved in the learning process of the children. Parents are invited to share their skills in workshops for different classes. Parent Empowerment programs are conducted for a range of classes to help them understand and support children in their growth and learning.

Holistic Character Development

Vidyanjali strives to cultivate a developing child’s physical, emotional, moral, psychological, and spiritual attributes. Lessons are conducted in a safe, supportive environment that allows children to utilize their individual strengths. Teachers nurture students of varying educational levels and learning capabilities. Teachers employ a number of methods and strategies to create a holistic learning culture.


Exceptional Educators

Vidyanjali takes pride in a three-step selection process of a written test, personality test and interview for its employees. Staff members are valued for their subject matter expertise, personality and also for the values of humility, compassion dedication and understanding that they bring with them and imbue into the children at all levels. Several teachers have been with us for a decade or more.


The Management and entire team at Vidyanjali lays utmost emphasis in the safety and security of students. Vidyanjali has implemented various checks and measures to ensure the safety of students while in the campus. From well lit and ventilated classrooms to the ergonomially designed desks and seats, to the spacious corridors and staircases, and play areas are designed to safeguard the students from mishaps. All classrooms and corridors are monitored with cameras.

All transport buses that ferry the students from their homes to the school and vice versa are all fitted with cameras and GPS systems, which are monitored. In addition, a lady attendant accompanies the students in each bus to ensure safety of students.

Vigilant Security staff manage the entire campus by day and night. No visitors are allowed inside the campus, unless they seek permission at the office with a special entry pass.



Academic Excellence

Vidyanjali creates an environment that fosters the development of children who intellectually, socially, and ethically strong. Therefore, they pursue successful and fulfilling careers in collaboration with others in society.

Growth Mind Set

Vidyanjali’s children with a growth mindset are committed to lifelong learning. They can measure progress and success through their own effort and growth rather than societal standards. They are able to set concrete and realistic expectations for self-improvement. They are able to seek clarification and guidance to improve and are open to varied points of view, solutions, or endpoints.

They are able to accept feedback and reflection on the learning process. They celebrate and take inspiration from others’ successes and growth.

Children are self-motivated to learn deeply, build new skills, and explore nuances. They identify their own learning styles and have the humility to make adaptations accordingly.




School Cinema is a learning module that makes learning life skills and valuable lessons of life interesting and a fun-filled experience.

It creates a safe and healthy learning environment, and also highlights the various issues pertaining to the society, and how to deal with them.