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Paes Family

When my wife and I set out on a hunt for a school for the kids, we were clear that we only wanted a school that was in close proximity so that the travel time was minimal for the kids. However, when we visited Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, we immediately knew that this school was going to give us more than just that.

Over the years, the management and the teachers at Vidyanjali have created only more positive reasons to back up our decision of choosing the school.

Be it the teaching methodologies or the events conducted with absolute finesse or the warmth and love for the kids by the class teachers; all of it only made us nostalgic about our school times.

Vidyanjali Academy for Learning is beyond just education. It is a well-designed bundle of values, principles and etiquette that you would like for your child to have in order to become a better human!

- Loyson Paes

Soumya Achrekar Paes

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Vasa Family

Both our Children are studying in Vidyanjali Academy for Learning. Our son is in grade 3 and daughter is in Pre-primary Montessori 1.

When we learned about the Montessori method, we really liked the fact that it takes into account the whole life of the child and not just the academics. We wanted our child to be a really good person and not just a good student. Upon visiting Vidyanjali, we felt that the warmth, caring ethos of the school suits our child's personality and both our children felt instantly comfortable and at home there. It is literally "A Home away from Home".

We all know that the Montessori system provides great results but this school provides a lot more than that - teaches the children independence, respect for each other and many practical life lessons. The children are able to self-guide their own learning and most importantly they ENJOY the process of learning in this school. We've been so delighted over and over again by the teachers and also the non-teaching staff of the school. They take that extra step to give children special individual attention, loving care and unbelievably successful curriculum. It is wonderful to see how children grow from the stimulation provided in the classroom. We are also impressed by how well all the teachers know the students, beyond just recalling their names. We've enjoyed knowing the staff and building a strong rapport with them

The online teaching during the pandemic period exceeded our expectations. The systematic approach and guidance by the efficient teachers helped students overcome the barriers.

Hats off to all the teachers for the efforts they have taken to achieve this feat. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the teaching, non-teaching, supporting staff for nurturing both our children and building a strong foundation.

Kudos to all of you!

- Roman vasa

Vidhi Vasa

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Mariyappan Family

My elder daughter Prateksha Mariappan joined Vidyanjali in 4th Std & my younger daughter Akshavikaa Mariappan joined 1st Std Montessori in the year 2015-16.

First impression is the best impression – the first thing that I observed in Vidyanjali are the lines that are put up in the Front office area which is very true and everyone should accept and follow it – “WHATEVER YOU MAY BE IN YOUR LIFE, BUT YOU ARE A PARENT HERE”.

I was looking for the best school close to my house as I am a working woman & a single parent. I needed a school that is secure and unbiased in all ways. Compared to the schools in this locality I found Vidyanjali the most beneficial for my children & me.

Both the children liked Vidyanjali right-away as their classmates were very accommodative, supportive and mingled very comfortably. They felt at home because teachers were very down to earth and loving.

All the children are given equal opportunities to explore their talents. The school provides necessary training to excel in their respective talents, be it Sports, Yoga, Music and Dance, Creya (STEM), Elocution, Theatre, Arts, Library, Martial Arts, and so on. Sports include, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, Kabaddi.

My children have been part of Sports, Yoga, Music & Dance, Rhetorics Gavel club over the years. Yes, you guessed it right, they have been a part of almost all the clubs and not only learnt but also excelled which is evident from their achievements.

Other things that I value most at Vidyanjali are:

  • .The Greenery around the school campus gives a natural atmosphere and fresh surroundings give mental peace to the people within.
  • .Utmost care given to every child as their personal requirements and upliftment is taken care of.
  • .Physically challenged children who need special care and support are given what is required and are treated equally.
  • .The school uniform is the best and I value it most as it is unbiased for both the genders.
  • .Every person in the school, be it the Founder, Director, School Administrator, Principal, Coordinators, Teachers or Support staff – everyone is compassionate, well trained and performs their duties sincerely.
  • .Well trained, skilled & experienced teachers have been associated with the school for a long term are the most valuable asset for Vidyanjali.
  • .Value Education is taught through life skills by way of hourly sessions or through school cinema which help children express themselves, face tough situations, relate themselves and find solutions to their own problems.
  • .The recent addition - VAL Talks sessions gave opportunity to each child to stand up and speak. It boosts the confidence of the children to unhesitatingly express their opinions and thoughts in all three languages (English, Hindi & Kannada). Children also get to know each other well.

The interaction with other parents at Vidyanjali starts every year with the Orientation Programme followed by Parents Empowerment, Open House, Munch Melas. Vidyanjali has helped in bringing the parent community together on various occasions. They invite parents to actively participate in the program taking up various roles alongside teachers and making the programme a great success. In this process the parents get connected and as the years go by the parent community becomes stronger and a very close self-help group.

Nevertheless, to mention the protocols that Vidyanjali follows when it comes to safety. Utmost care is taken to follow the guidelines given to the school by the Government and other governing authorities.

In the same way Vidyanjali handles the situations very diplomatically with parents too and never loses their cool. Opportunity of being heard - is completely followed where all the parents are given an opportunity to express their opinion, provide suggestions, suggest improvements, etc.

Mariyappan Family