Just like Vidyanjali, parents and family are an important part of the development and schooling of children. At the end of each assessment, parents are expected to attend the Parent Engagement Conference. The purpose of the Parent Engagement Conference is for parents to interact and discuss with the teachers about the progress of their child. It is important for parents to remember not to treat the Parent Engagement Conference lightly, since it gives them an idea about where exactly their child stands and the areas in which he/she needs to improve.

If there is a problem with the child, parents can also seek help from counselors and special educators to work towards a common goal of eliminating the problem. Remember, help from counselors or special educators is only temporary till the problem of the child is resolved. The Parent Engagement Conference is not a session for complaints to the parents, but to present them with the reality of their children.


Here are some of the things that you as a parent can do/ask during the conference.

Ask about how you can participate in the development of your child.

Ask information about your child’s grades, marks, participation in activities, etc.

Communicate what you feel about your child to the teacher.

Ask the teacher for some of your child’s worksheets.

Ask the teacher about what exactly your child is interested in.

Find out support and services available in school for your child.

Ask the teacher about any extracurricular activities or therapy sessions which may help your child.