The COVID-19 pandemic times have not been easy for anyone, even for students.In today’s nuclear families, a child becomes isolated at home, especially if both parents are working.

This may lead to some serious behavioural issues like anger, fear, rage, hyperactivity, etc. At Vidyanjali, we have the concept of mentoring students through a mentor.

A mentor is a teacher who is entrusted with the responsibility of mentoring and monitoring 2-3 students from Class IX and X.

The mentors develop a strong bond with the students (mentees) and help them with problems in their academics, personal life, family, behaviour, adolescent problems as well.


A mentor is different from the dedicated counsellor that we have at Vidyanjali.

A mentor lends a supporting hand and shoulder to those students who do not have anyone to talk to at home, since both parents might be working, and by the time they reach home, it is already late evening or night.

A mentor can even go to a student's home to check the atmosphere in which he/she is living.

If the student is really facing challenges and problems, not only academically, but also mentally and emotionally, a mentor supports and guides a student to overcome the challenges.

Students have the freedom and flexibility to choose the teacher whom they are more comfortable with to be their mentor.