Vidyanjali Academy and the learning environment contributes not only to a student’s professional growth, but also has an impact on the society and the surroundings.

Vidyanjali believes in training and developing all the human sides in young budding minds, so that they can create a positive impact on the society and make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Vidyanjali is not about academic grades, it is about creating responsible people for the society.

Vidyanjali creates an impact on the society in three dimensions. These include:


Social Impact

  • .Vidyanjali works with the society for its betterment.
  • .We include the society and everyone who is a part of our society in everything we do.
  • .When we conduct any events and activities, we encourage students from other schools to participate in them, thus giving them a platform to excel.
  • .Even parents, friends, and family members are encouraged to participate in various events, festivals, and celebrations in school.
  • .Right from a young age, students are encouraged to develop empathy and care towards others in the society, understanding the value and importance of the society.
  • .For example, the students at Vidyanjali work in NGOs that help the poor and elderly. They also contribute towards the development of the society by participating in innovative projects related to education, healthcare, livelihoods, and disaster management.
  • .The campus and space of Vidyanjali is also open to every common person in the society. For example, the library which has a collection of books is accessible to even outside students, parents, or any individual who wishes to come to the library to read or study.
  • .In this way, Vidyanjali has a positive impact on the society by including it as a part of Vidyanjali, and making it a better place to live for everyone.

Environmental impact

  • .Being a part of the ecosystem, students must learn to respect and take care of the environment and surroundings around them.
  • .Students participate in tree plantation programs and cleanliness drives in order to keep the environment fresh and safe for everyone.
  • .The biggest environmental impact of Vidyanjali is afforestation.
  • .At Vidyanjali, students are encouraged to participate in tree plantations from a young age.
  • .Afforestation offers a number of benefits to the environment including slowing down global warming, less soil erosion, maintains biodiversity, stabilizes the ecosystem, etc.

Economic impact

  • .It involves participation and involvement of students in the economy by giving them relevant training about the economy of India.
  • .The students are mentored and trained about the economy such that they can lead from the front, create a business model, and understand how the economy really functions.
  • .Vidyanjali also directly contributes to the economic development of the society by hiring individuals from the local population.
  • .Generating employment has a positive impact on the economy.

The different activities at Vidyanjali promote compassion, love, and empathy towards all living beings in the society. We not only invest in a child’s holistic growth and development, but also give back something to the society in which we live. We concentrate on making society a beautiful place to live in for everyone.