At Vidyanjali, the life of students is not just limited to the knowledge of books and curriculum. Vidyanjali focuses on students’ learning about the different things happening around them in their surroundings, and across the globe. We provide students the platform to grow and excel in all fronts, so that they become healthy intellectually by learning through various experiences. We mold them into well-rounded human beings who have the capability to handle various social situations once they become a part of the workforce, and even in day-to-day life.

Extracurricular activities are those that are performed by students outside the regular academic class.

There are many extracurricular activities conducted at Vidyanjali. These include:

How do extracurricular activities at Vidyanjali help students?

    • .Improve the academic performance of learners
    • .Students get to learn new skills
    • .Promotes growth of self-confidence in students
    • .Students develop social and critical thinking skills
    • .Fosters the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork
    • .Problem-solving attitude and approach to everything
    • .Collaboration and seamless communication with others
    • .Allows students to explore new things and interests
    • .Imparts essential life skills
    • .Brings about a visible change in a student’s personality
    • .Promotes the spirit of healthy competition amongst students
    • .Broadens the perspective of learners
    • .Creates interest and curiosity in learners about things beyond the curriculum

Different extracurricular activities conducted in Vidyanjali


Sports are an integral part of the curriculum at Vidyanjali. Each child has to choose one sport among Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton and kho-kho. the sports club will be from 3.30pm to 4.30pm from Monday to Friday. The student of a particular club may have to stay back at school till 4.15pm on that particular day.



Bookish knowledge is different from practical experience. Real infield experience makes learning better and stronger. To provide an opportunity for the students to understand the real working situation, and to appreciate the efforts of their parents and value hard earned money, Vidyanjali has designed a unique program for the students of Class IX and X. They are advised to undergo a one-week long ‘Work Internship’ at a workplace of their choice during Dasara Vacation.


Creya Learning is a STEM skill programme that fosters life skills among the students through inquiry based learning ang digital technology. The objective of this inclusion is to provide an opportunity for the students to develop skills like communication, leadership, thinking, information fluency, decision making etc. It enables the individuals to deals with the demands and the future challenges with confidence.



PBIS is about recognizing the children when they are right and reinforcing the positive behavior. PBIS provides unified set of rules, which define the expected behavior from students. These rules are based on being Respectful, Responsible and Safety — respecting and valuing teachers, peers and living and non-living things, taking responsibility in performing one’s duties and behavior, considering the safety of oneself and others.


Vidyanjali has started “Rehetorics Gavel Club”, in affiliation with Toastmasters International. Rehetorics Gavel Club is exclusively for the students of Vidyanjali to practice effective communication skills. The club meets once in a week and function according to the guidelines laid down by Tomsmasters International. The club along with public speaking skills enhances the capacity of providing effective feedback, and listening and thinking skills. The club runs under the able guidance of Toastmasters like Satyanarayana Raju and Chaya Nair and Gaveliers like Nandeesha and Balakrishna. In addition the club has its own office bearers.


From the above, it is evident that just like academics and curriculum, there is a world beyond it as well, i.e., the extracurricular world, which is equally important for holistic development and learning of a student.