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Vidyanjali Academy for Learning – Making a difference for over 3 decades

The foundation to Vidyanjali was laid in the year 1992, nearly three decades ago by Sri Ramaiah Reddy Educational Trust. The purpose of starting this school was to provide holistic learning to the students, resulting in an impact of moulding over 100,000 students!

Vidyanjali is more than just a school. Infact, we focus on the development of the body, mind, and spirit of the learners. We encourage love and compassion for others, and prepare students empowering them to create a better tomorrow.

We, at Vidyanjali, believe that every child is unique and different, but there is a genius hidden in each one of them. Therefore, we provide an environment to empower children to shape their own lives. There is an infinite potential in every child. Our teachers work hard to unleash the hidden potential in each child.

Vidyanjali is not just committed to delivering excellence in education, but nurturing the young minds so that they become responsible citizens of the country in the future.

At Vidyanjali, a collaborative functioning of the teachers, learners, and parents ensures that every student achieves excellence academically, socially, and emotionally.

The teachers at Vidyanjali are not just teachers, but mentors and illuminators for students. They do not just pass on the knowledge to children, but train and mentor them with a purpose.