Saturdays are dedicated for co-curricular activities. The children have to choose one of the activities either, Yoga, music,and dance, Karate and chess.

This is mandatory for the students to choose the activities and participate actively.



Yoga is the Unity of mind, body and soul. The yoga Club is an excellent platform for the students to learn a variety of Asanas with the coordination of body and mind.

Students learn different yoga asanas (poses) that keeps them mentally and physically fit and healthy.

It helps to reduce stress and relaxes the body, mind, and soul, and also helps improve concentration of students.


Vidyanjali has a karate club that enables to boost the self-confidence of students, increase fitness levels, energy and vitality. The students learn the art of Self-Defence to protect oneself, when necessary.

By constantly breaking pre-conceived mental and physical barriers, a student learns the power of persistence and achieves valuable life skills. It improves hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, focus, and speed.



Dance is the language of the soul. Vidyanjali Dance club aims to impact the students through the art of dancing, which enables union of body, mind and soul.

Dancing akin to other physical activities, develops important psycho-motor qualities. The systematic and organised practice of dancing influences the student in a positive manner, resulting in the harmonious development of the body, improves the co-ordination, enhances creativity and artistic imagination, and also helps to calm the human mind.

Dancing also enables students to develop a lot of self-confidence and overcome inhibitions. Dancing also enhances the flow of energy, resulting in improved physical and mental well-being.

Students are taught various types of dance forms, and are also given a chance to perform these dance forms at school events.


What Sports is to the body, and Reading to the Mind, so is the Music to the soul. Music helps the students to enhance the IQ and develop concentration. It improves language development, enhances analytical and logical reasoning, soothes the mind, resulting in better-adjusted social behaviour.

Music is a cornerstone for problem solving. Vidyanjali’s Music club aims to unravel the latent talent in each student, enhance the confident of students by giving them a platform to showcase their skills.

Music also helps the students to unite and become one with the group. It creates harmony and peace, leading to better inter-personal relationships among students, and also with their parents.

Students get opportunities to perform during school events, which also inspires other students to take to music.



Chess offers many academic benefits. Research and studies have shown a direct connection between playing chess and development of analytic skills. Chess helps children develop focus, concentration and observation skills. Beyond academic skills, chess also helps children develop social skills, learn to respect their opponents, learn how to handle defeat, and develop teamwork.

Chess Club at Vidyanjali aims to foster development of talents, giving them the edge to pursue their interests and participate in professional tournaments.


This program encourages students of Class IV to IX to express themselves and voice their opinion with complete freedom and absolutely no judgement from the teachers or peers.



In today’s world of smartphones and laptops, students have lost interest in reading books.

The Silent Reading class is conducted once a week and serves dual purpose – increases motivation in students to read, and facilitates overall language development by learning new words and their meanings.