The biggest challenge for parents is to choose the right learning environment for their children. The question “Is Vidyanjali the right choice for my child?" would be going through every parent’s mind. At Vidyanjali, we are fully committed to our core values, and focus on the developmental progression of a child along with holistic learning from childhood. We advocate an atmosphere of fun, interaction, collaboration, affection, and love for the learners. We have a child-centered atmosphere, where emphasis is given on imparting education through the play-way methodology. An experiential way of learning is followed, where every child is given individual freedom to express himself/herself.

Vidyanjali believes that every child is unique, and learns uniquely, at a different pace.

By following the Montessori method of teaching, we foster collaboration between the teachers and parents, so that both the home and school can contribute towards holistic development of the child.

Are you now confident of choosing Vidyanjali as the right learning environment for your child?

  • .The Admission Process at Vidyanjali is online and offline.
  • .Parents need to fill up the form along with the requested details and documents.
  • .There are no hard copies of forms issued.
  • .Once we receive all the application forms, our admissions committee scrutinizes the forms.
  • .We invite parents with their child for an interaction/discussion before a final decision is taken.
  • .Submission of an application form is not a guarantee of admission.
  • .The admission process at Vidyanjali is completely transparent.
  • .The selection entirely depends on the vacancy, and also on the one-to-one interaction with parents and child.

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