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Welcome to Vidyanjali! A place of learning not only for students but also for parents, teachers and the management.

Vidyanjali firmly believes that childhood is a crucial stage of the human development, at which, the foundation for future life is laid. It believes that the development of competent personality is as important as the academics.Nevertheless, nobody can predict the future life precisely. However, time and again it is proved that apart from academics the children should have a stable ground on human values like honesty, truthfulness, care for the young, respect for the old, everlasting desire to learn, a will and courage to do the right thing at the right time, determination to complete the task chosen, and resilience to withstand the incurred pain, etc. are invariably appreciated in any given time of the society.

Vidyanjali develops the above values through Positive Behavior Intervention Scheme (PBIS), Schools of Equality, Projects concerning involvement with less privileged, etc. In addition to these, the children are also prepared to be on par with the changing technology and society through Creya, Career Guidance, Internship Program and Rhetorics Gavel Club. Besides, at Vidyanjali all children have an equal chance of attending the co-curricular clubs. Saturday is the day for co-curricular activities, where the children attend one of the five co-curricular clubs.

Vidyanjali acknowledges the role of parents as partners in educating children. Considering their influence on the children’s development and significance of getting them involved in education, Vidyanjali conducts workshops and orientation programs to educate them on parenting issues, problems and current trends from time to time. Teachers keep the line of communication open and are available to the parents online and in person to discuss the development of their children or to clarify the questions arising from the method followed.

Another salient feature of education in Vidyanjali is the development of its teachers. Like students and parents, the teachers are also kept competent through regular in-house training, workshops and conferences. Their communication skills are enhanced through Vidyanjali’s Gavel Club which is a part of Toastmasters International.

Thus, Vidyanjali’s philosophy is not just helping the children to pass the exams and avail a certificate, but to create an environment where the children respect and appreciate each other, parents become real partners in their children’s development, and teachers keep their skills updated. This philosophy has resulted in many successful students in varied fields like medicine, law, engineering, media, culture, business, education and art.

I am proud to be a part of this network and truly happy to welcome you to Vidyanjali family once again.

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