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Technology is introduced in the classrooms through smart classes with “TeachNext” a pioneer in smart class technology providing the digital content for I to X std. Classrooms were equipped with Smart technology to stimulate the students’ perception and learning, and fostering utmost participation in the journey of discovering new concepts.

Vidyanjali is not back logged in this digital world. Instead of having one or two rooms with digital content, all the classrooms at Vidyanjali are equipped with “Smart Boards” & “Digital Content”, with a wide range of technological tools such as animated 2D/3D videos, for labs and experiments. Power-point presentations and work sheets are amongst a host of other teaching aids, which enhance the learning capacity of the students, bringing abstract and difficult concepts to life. The Smart classes make teaching and learning effective, interactive, enjoyable and meaningful.

‘Encouraging the reading habit’

Vidyanjali has an excellent digitally maintained library with a diverse collection of 16,550 books, 15 magazines and journals, e-books that allow students to travel across time into different worlds. The spacious library has been designed to nurture the students’ interest in books and is intended to encourage every child the opportunity to explore and develop his or her individual interests. The lower classes have their own individual library corners, which are maintained by the children themselves.



In this era of IT revolution Vidyanjali offers to uncover the potential of every child with computer education and skills to be future ready for the challenges ahead. The computer lab has 36 computers of higher configuration in order to use the high resolution videos. The entire campus is Wi Fi enabled with full-time Internet and power supply.


Vidyanjali has a well-equipped science lab, which provides ample opportunities to inculcate scientific temper among the students and to experience science as it should be.

The students gain practical knowledge, develop scientific temperament and experience the world of chemicals, organisms, and mechanism of physics with a wide array of laboratory equipment available in the Science lab.


‘Perfecting the communication of the students’

One of the 21st century skills is communicative skills in English. Vidyanjali has set up an English lab, which enhances the language skills of the students through the latest language software programmes. These programmes provide accent training and build up the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills along with effective use of grammar.

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