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Parent Communication

At Vidyanjali, Parent Communication plays a vital role in the development of a child. The parents are regularly updated with their child’s academic performance, emotional requirements, and day-to-day activities. Apart from the Parent-Teacher Conferences conducted to discuss the child’s development, the parents are frequently communicated through various means like the emails, messages, personal phone calls, and online Parental Portal.


As Internet has become a part of day-to-day life, Vidyanjali has kept up with the new technology and innovation. Now parents can access the information regarding children’s progress, homework, other circulars and notices, happenings at Vidyanjali, etc. online from any place. The parents can access the info through laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone with the unique ID and Password given to each parent. Online services to Vidyanjali is provided by Edumerge.


Health screening of students is done every year at Vidyanjali that includes vision, dental, and general check up by proficient physicians, ophthalmologists, and dentists. The report given is fed in a software which generates a complete online report called ‘Thinking’ Health Card. This Health card promises to impart health benefits to every student, as it is mailed to each parent which is easy to understand and improves Student Health.


The progress reports will be uploaded on Edumerge website, which the parents can access through their unique ID and password at the end of each assessment. As the hard copies of reports will not be issued the parents are expected to visit the school to interact with the teacher regarding the performance of the child. The hard copy of the report card would be given only at the end of the academic year.


Parents and family are an important part of a child’s education. While family as a whole lays a strong foundation for moral and social values, parents are responsible to provide a loving and caring environment at home. Their involvement in the child’s education improves the child’s social skill and learning ability. Hence Parent-Teacher conferences are most effective means to participate and discuss about your child. It is essential to remember that these conferences are not for complaining about your child. The teachers on your side, working on the same goal i.e development of your child. In case of a problem, the teachers work in unison with the counsellor and special educator to create an action plan, which will be intimated to you and may request your support. The conference with the counsellor and the special educator are only temporary, until problem lasts.

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