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Our Team for 2016-2017

Our team consists of well-trained and skilled Montessorians, subject experts both at school and managerial levels. Furthermore, Vidyanjali constantly keeps arranging in-house trainings and also sends for external trainings to equip the teachers with latest trends in the field of Education. A background Check and Police verification is done for all staff before appointment. The new staff even produces referral letters before being appointed and the same is Verified by The Principal.


Nuzhath Parveen

Qualification : M.A. (English), B.Ed
Subject Handling/Designation : English and Economics, Academic Supervisor for CBSE wing.
An optimistic, sagacious, ardent person, and an innovative facilitator.


Qualification : B. A. B. Ed, Dip. in Primary Montessori
Designation : Academic Supervisor for Montessori Wing
A very patient and hardworking person, good in soft skills, and listening and observing skills.

Sharda T Rao

Qualification : M.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Ed
Subject Handling/Designation : Mathematics, High school Coordinator
A simple, honest, and dedicated teacher, who, motivates and helps the children in gaining knowledge.

Nandeesha A

Qualification : M A(Kannada), MA (History), B.Ed
Subject Handling/Designation : Kannada, Assistant Teacher-High School
A person who loves to teach and learn.
Believes in the philosophy ‘Teaching is worship’.


Qualification : BA. B.Ed. B. Th
Subject Handling/Designation : Social Science, Assistant Teacher- High School
A very creative person, effective event organiser, good counsellor, and a multi-talented person who believes in the principal “Teachers are social engineers”.


Qualification : M.Sc. B.Ed., Dip in Folklore
Subject Handling/Designation : Science and Creya, Assistant Teacher- High school
A dedicated and passionate person who believes in igniting the minds of children through education.

Poonam Mishra

Qualification : M. A. B.Ed
Subjects Handling/Designation : Hindi, Assistant Teacher -High school
An honest person always ready to learn new things.

Nusrath Begum

Qualification : B.Sc., M.A(Lit)
Subjects Handling/ Designation : English, Assistant Teacher-High School
A reliable person, ready to learn and adapt oneself to any situation.

Manthayya Bellad

Qualification : B.Sc., M.Ed
Subjects Handling/ Designation : Math & Physics, Assistant Teacher- High school
A person dedicated to teaching profession who wants to be an ever learner.

Sarbari Bhuvanesh

Qualification : M.A. (English) B.Ed.
Subject Handling/Designation : English and Social Science, Assistant Teacher-High School
Ever smiling, dedicated and helpful teacher


Qualification : B.Sc., B.Ed
Subject Handling/Designation : EVS, Middle school Coordinator

A very passionate teacher with willingness to improve and collaborate with students.


Kiran Verma

Qualification : B.A,B.Ed
Subjects Handling/ Designation : Hindi, Assistant Teacher- Middle school
A disciplined, friendly and ambitious person, and a good speaker.

Kruthi. M.V

Qualification : B.Sc.,B.Ed
Designation : Assistant Teacher- Middle school
A positive and confident person who finds the best ways to solve the problems.

Veena N

Qualification : M.A. B.Ed

Subject Handling/Designation : Kannada, Assistant Teacher- Middle school

A steady and honest person.

Sowmya KL

Qualification : B.A, B.Ed.
Subject Handling/Designation : EVS, English, Creya, Assistant Teacher-Middle School
A steadfast person working towards perfection.

Aparna Kumari

Qualification : M.A(Economics), B.Ed
Subject Handling/Designation : Hindi, Assistant Teacher- Primary School
A reliable and soft spoken Person

Suma Sunil Unki

Qualification : B.com, Diploma in Primary Montessori
Subjects handling/Designation : Kannada, Assistant Teacher-Primary School
A dedicated and sincere person with positive attitude, good interpersonal skill, and
ready to accept changes.

Lakshmi Tapasvi

Qualification : PUC, Montessori Trained

Subjects Handling/Designation : EVS and Math, Assistant Teacher-Primary School

A calm and sincere person who believes in working perfectly.

Geetha Raj

Qualification : B.A(English Literature)

Subjects handling/Designation : English and Math, Assistant Teacher-Primary School

A very polite, sincere, and an upright person who loves to teach and be punctual in all areas of life.

Triveni Puppala

Qualification : B.com (Accounting honors), Pre-primary Montessori trained
Subjects handling/Designation : EVS, English, Math / Prep Teacher
A very polite person who wants to be up-to-date in life.

Jayashree Jagadish

Qualification : B.com, Pre-Primary Montessori trained
Subjects handling/Designation : Kannada and art craft / Prep Teacher
A person who believes in working hard and is an efficient worker.


Qualification : B.A. B.P.Ed.
Subjects Handling : Physical Education classes for Montessori and CBSE
Designation : Physical Education Teacher
A very agile and trustworthy person.


Qualification : Mlisc
Subject Handling/Designation : Library Classes, Librarian
A very Industrious, Diligent, and Jovial person.

Chinju Mohan

Qualification : BSC Computer Science, M.C.A
Subject Handling : Computer science and Arts
Designation : Computer Teacher
A very happy and adjustable person.

Munawar Begum

Qualification : B.A., T.C.H & Diploma in Elementary Montessori Education

Designation : Primary Montessori adult

A dedicated person, loves to take challenges, keen on all round development of child, and enjoys the achievements of children.


Muthawassira Kausar

Qualification : Diploma in Montessori
Designation : Primary Montessori Adult
A dedicated, sincere, and organised person.

Brinda Kumar

Qualification : Diploma in Montessori method of teaching
Designation : Primary Montessori adult
An optimistic, smart working, determined, and God fearing person.

Manasa Mallur

Qualification : B.E. (Electronics and Communication) and Diploma in Primary Montessori
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori adult
A dedicated, confident and punctual person who feels happy to collaborate with other people and work as a team.

Swapna Tanneer

Qualification : MBA, Montessori Trained
Designation : Primary Montessori Adult
An ambitious, independent, and fun loving person.

Soumya Shree

Qualification : Diploma in Montessori
Subject Handling/Designation : Primary Montessori adult
A smart & prompt worker, quick-witted, and straightforward.

Shiva Shankari.B

Qualification : Diploma in Pre-Primary Montessori
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori Coordinator

A patient, understanding, helpful, and peace loving person who believes in falling without losing hope and fighting till the end.

Fathima Mubarak

Qualification : B.A, Montessori Trained
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori adult
A very joyous and an industrious person.


Qualification : B.Sc. Diploma in Montessori studies
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori adult
Avery resourceful, positive, and fun-loving person.

P Amitha

Qualification : B. Tech, Montessori Trained.
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori adult
Avery soft-spoken, kind, and reliable person.


Qualification : MSc in Physics and Montessori trained
Designation : Pre-primary Montessori adult
A very punctual person who is working towards the best.


Qualification : B.A, MTT
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori Adult
An optimistic, committed, kind, and friendly person.

Dhana Lakshmi

Qualification : PUC, Montessori Trained
Designation : Pre-Primary Montessori Adult
A person who likes to work with children.
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