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The human beings are made up of physical and mental power. These powers have to be working together to be successful or to be able to concentrate. If any of these powers is not working a child will have difficulty in learning. He/She may or may not be dyslexic but have slight learning disablity which could be corrected if diagnosed in the early stages. The key is “Early Stage”. Vidyanjali has a trained special Educator who observes the children in their classrooms and provides help either by working individually with the child or with the help of his/her teachers and parents.


Children are like flowers. Their bodies are going through severe developmental changes especially between 10 to 15 years. They are tender mentally, emotionally and also physically. If mishandled these flowers parch easily. Hence, Vidyanjali has in-house counsellor’s who develop rapport with the children, speak to them, become one with them and help them to handle the difficulty. They support the student until they are strong enough to take care of themselves. Most importantly the counselling sessions are confidential. The students who do not wish to speak to the counsellor’s directly can use the suggestion box specially kept near the counsellor’s or email them.


Vidyanjali has a system of Mentoring and Monitoring, where in a teacher is entrusted with 2 or more mentees or students of High school. The mentors act as counsellors and develop a strong relationship with the mentee thereby helping the mentees in any problems personal, academic, behavioural etc. This helps the students to overcome their problems and stress and helps them to concentrate in their studies in a better and more confident way.

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