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Vidyanjali is affiliated to CBSE Board, the most preferred board in India which promotes innovations in teaching learning methodologies, and has classes from Preparatory to Tenth.

Recognizing the role played by early years in a child’s life, the curriculum of Preparatory classes is prepared carefully so that children are not burdened yet prepared to enter the regular classes from First standard and cope up with the intense learning environment. The Preparatory Section comprises Prep I and Prep II and are offered English, Kannada and Mathematics along with other co-curricular subjects.

The Primary School is from 1st to 3rd standard. The subjects offered at this level are English, Kannada, Mathematics and Environment Studies along with other co-curricular subjects.

Classes from 4th to 8th are called middle school at Vidyanjali and provides opportunities to develop curiosity, enjoy learning and appreciate the achievements of others as well as oneself. Children get ample opportunities for exploration and a good balance between teacher led and child initiated activities. Children get sufficient exposure to technology and which develops the futuristic skills.

Fourth standard onwards the children learn three languages. First language is compulsorily English, and Parents could choose between Kannada and Hindi as the Second and the Third Languages. Third language studies is only up to 8th standard.

The classes 9th and 10th are considered as the Secondary School in CBSE and its syllabus prepares the student’s mental capabilities and develops skill learning of the students by adding job-oriented and job-linked inputs. It provides reformed examinations and evaluation practices with importance given to Critical thinking and application that makes the child future ready.

At Secondary School in CBSE the students have to learn only two languages. English which is offered as the First Language and the Parents can choose either Kannada or Hindi as the Second Language.

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