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Awards and Scholarships


Vidyanjali confers awards & scholarships for laudable students of CBSE classes from IV to X.


The commendable students are honoured with the awards like, Sri. Ramaiah Reddy Award for Highest Scorer in the class, Smt. Nanjamma Award for The Best Student of the year, Sri. Muni Reddy Award for The Best Sportsman of the year, Miss. Shruti Award for the students of class X under the categories ‘Best Student’, ‘Best Sportsperson’, and ‘Highest Scorer’ for each year.


Parents are very important stakeholder in the life of children. If they pass away, the child’s life becomes tottered. Other times the parents may face financial difficulties due to health or loss of business making them unable to bear the tuition fees. To support the children in such misfortune circumstances, Vidyanjali offers two scholarships. One in the memory of Balachandra master and the other in the name of Appaji master. The Balachandra Master Scholarship is for the meritorious students who have lost their father, the sole bread earner of the family. This constitutes fifty per cent of the school fee. The Appaji Master Scholarship is conferred for economically backward meritorious students. It constitutes complete free education from Montessori Pre-primary to 10th standard.

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