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Admission Procedure

Dear Parent,

If your child is below 3 years, he/she is eligible for admission to the Montessori pre-primary environment. Admissions are open three times a year in April, September, and December and classes begin for new children in May, October and January.

The children have special sensitivities which start diminishing at 3 years. Hence, the children are admitted to Montessori classroom below three years and the children above three years are not eligible for Montessori classroom.

Therefore, you are advised to enrol your child through online on the “Contact Us” page of this website or at school office. Our Admin Manager will keep in touch with you and inform you the date of issue of application forms and the beginning of the classes.

Children above three years could be admitted to Preparatory I or Preparatory II, depending on their age group.

Admissions from 1st to 9th standard are given against the availability of seats.



You may collect the Application Form from the school office.

Return the duly filled Application Form along with two passport size photographs of the child, along with the required documents to the school office and register the seat by submitting the registration fee.


Upon registration, you will be invited along with the child to have a glimpse of Vidyanjali and understand its culture.

It is essential to have both father and mother along with the child during the visit, as it prepares child and sets the tone for his/her future schooling.

On the visit the Montessori co-ordinator receives you and provides an introduction to the Montessori method.


Once you are satisfied with the school culture, you will be given an appointment for the interview with the Principal.

The objective of the Interview is to know about you and your beliefs about learning.

At Vidyanjali the qualification of the parents is not as important as their attitude and willingness to be a partner with the school in educating their child.


The Admissions Office will confirm the admission immediately after the interview or through phone call/Email.

Finally, you will be asked to admit your child and pay the fees either whole fee at a time or in instalments according to the slab.


The admission fee and a month’s tuition fee will be collected in advance at the time of admission. The tuition fee will be collected for all the 12 months of the year. If the child is admitted in September or December, the fee will be collected from those months.


Parents who wish to withdraw their wards during the middle of year can do so by giving a month’s notice assigning specific reasons for withdrawal. At any case of withdrawal, the admission fee once paid will not be refunded.


Any questions during the admission process may be directed to:
Cholanayakanahalli, R. T. Nagar, Bangalore – 560 032 , at
info@vidyanjali.in or call 080 – 23544891.

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